No matter where you go, your data won't be far.


The world's most advanced Environmental Data Acquisition, Database Management and Control Software.



Support for up to 2 billion I/O points. DataWise can collect, store, and analyze data from most any measured environmental parameter that can be described digitally.

Data Collection

DataWise allows you to collect data from one or multiple environmental data acquisition protocols: ALERT, ALERT2, RWIS, GOES, MODBUS and MODBUS TCP, SHEF and Dialup.

Database Management

With DataWise you get one of the most advanced and most versatile Database Management systems, capable of storing data in any ODBC-compliant relational database: MySQL, Ingres, Oracle, MSSQL, Access Postgres.


The powerful notification system built into DataWise, allows for custom alerts based on user defined conditions. Alarms can be Audible, Visual or sent out via Text Message, Email, Radio or Phone dialout.


DataWise has intelligent controls built right in. Controls are user defined and can be configured to activate when one or several alarm conditions have been met. Control Low Water Crossing Gates, Flashers, Sirens, Signs and Pumps.

Google Maps

Google Maps is deeply integrated into DataWise. This allows the map to be customized in many ways including, Map Type, Controls, Weather Layers, Radar & QPF Layers. This makes for a very intuitive and visually rich way to view and interact with your gauges.



Advanced Design allows DataWise to run on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux and OS X. You choose which platform you're comfortable with: the same functionality is maintained across each platform.

Browser-Based User Interface

The user interfaces in DataWise and DW Mobile are developed using the latest web standards. This gives you quick access to your database, allowing you to view and interact with your data from any HTML5 compatible web browser.

Edge to Edge Design.

Make use of every pixel in your display. DataWise is built with auto-scaling technology, you get an experience that is both immersive and expansive, allowing you to see and do more. With a bird's-eye view you will always know what is happening, where.

DW Mobile

Incredibly powerful, yet remarkably simple.

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